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Who We Are

Hulett House Gym is home to world-class amateur and professional fighters, experienced instructors, and a family of hard-working MMA enthusiasts. The fitness organization has built a team of exceptional instructors and personal trainers with a wealth of experience in mixed martial arts and fitness. The gym is part of the more comprehensive fitness facility, Columbia Training Academy, and is the premier MMA training facility in Columbia, Missouri.

Performance Records

  • 5-time MMA team coaching in the USA
  • 12 IMMAF World Champions
  • 35 places in the top 3 out of 50-plus countries
  • Pro Fighters in UFC and other organizations
  • Training fighters and fighting over 25 years

  • Team record 432 Wins and 78 Loses

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24 S. Rangeline Road, Columbia, MO 65201

Our Programs


Gloves up

Whether you’re a casual UFC fan who’s always wanted to get in the cage or a seasoned fighter ready to train hard, our MMA program is for you. We have a world-class team of experienced instructors leading our striking, wrestling, and grappling classes.


Push your limits

Looking to perfect your stand-up game? Glen Baum’s kickboxing classes take a “crawl, walk, run” approach to offensive and defensive striking. Classes are structured to help members hone their technique, build their own combos and gain experience.


Find your strength

No matter what your fitness level, Rob Hulett’s high-intensity training class will make you sweat! HIT Fit utilizes short bursts of cardio and weight training to improve your overall strength and endurance while sculpting your body in a relaxed atmosphere.

Kickboxing / BJJ / Wrestling