Heels Off, Gloves On


Whether you’re a casual UFC fan who’s always wanted to get in the cage or a seasoned fighter ready to train hard, our MMA program is for you. We have a world-class team of experienced instructors leading our striking, wrestling, and grappling classes. All sessions incorporate technical instruction, fitness, and live application that can be tailored to your level of experience. During our weekly Hulett House team practices, we put it all together with our integrated instructional sessions followed by sparring. If you’re new to the sport, check out our beginner MMA class on Sundays.


Push Your Limits


Looking to perfect your stand-up game? Glen Baum’s kickboxing classes take a “crawl, walk, run” approach to offensive and defensive striking. Classes are structured to help members hone their technique, build their own combos, and gain experience with live sparring every three to four weeks. Fighters of all levels will find new tools to add to their striking arsenal, but beginners are always welcome.


Making Fitness Fun

Kids’ Kickboxing

Don’t leave the kids at home on Wednesdays! Health and fitness should be a family affair. Our kids’ kickboxing program will get your kids moving while helping them develop positive life skills like respect, perseverance, and self-confidence. Best of all, it’s sandwiched between two sessions of HIT Fit so you can get a workout in, too.


The Future Fitness

Columbia Boxing

If you prefer the sweet science to mixed martial arts, Columbia Training Academy is your new home away from home. Our twice-weekly sessions offer a challenging yet supportive environment to hone every aspect of your boxing.


Health & Strength


No matter what your fitness level, Rob Hulett’s high-intensity training class will make you sweat! HIT Fit utilizes short bursts of cardio and weight training to improve your overall strength and endurance while sculpting your body in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.